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Pistachio + Rose Face & Body Oil

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1/2 oz or 4 oz

Essential oil blend created by 11/11 Cosmetics, Smell is so captivating, & Is so comfortable on the skin. You’ll make this your everyday staple product.

Indulge your body with this lightweight, moisturizing face/body oil. Suitable for ALL skin types. A little bit goes a long way! These ingredients are highly concentrated. The best non-toxic, natural ingredients for your skin. Soothes skin that needs some extra TLC, Keeps skin feeling comfortable & provides long lasting hydration. Promotes clear, youthful, plump, glowing skin.

Directions: Apply the face and body oil after showering, Taking a bath, Or at any time of the day that you feel your skin needs some love, And for soft, smooth skin. Breathe in the natural, Captivating aroma. Suitable for dry skin on hands, Cuticles, Feet, Knees, And elbows.
(You can add it into your bath as well.)

Ingredients: Pistachio oil, Marula oil, Vitamin E oil, Rose oil, Clary sage oil.
*Shake well before use*